The Cider Value Chain, Illustrated (?)


This is my feeble attempt at illustrating the concepts in my post “Apples to Cider to You“.  I went back and added it into that post as well, but if you read it earlier, then this is new.

I anticipate referring to this pretty frequently in future posts, so I thought it might be useful to just have it on it’s own.  Let me know if it helps.  Questions?  Suggestions?

3 thoughts on “The Cider Value Chain, Illustrated (?)

  1. Hi Ellie – thanks for taking the time to share your experience and provide a look into the workings of craft cider making. We are where you were in 2007 – planting 50 different cider apple varieties on a 3 acre plot. Your cider value chain article is just the kind of reality check I need at this point. Hope you can continue the series – no doubt you have learned a great deal in the last 9 years of commercial cider production.


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